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DesignsTouch is an innovative enterprise web & mobile application development company, creating iPhone and Android apps for businesses around the globe.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development Services
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Custom Innovative Web & Mobile Application Services

Enterprise application development for the various industries to incorporate large-scale software systems into your business routine. We are designing and developing the system to function in a corporate environment to solve issues & support the causes of an enterprise.

Complex, scalable, robust web & mobile applications development with a specific purpose and solutions.

Your enterprise application development starts with research, moves to business analysis & strategizes before choosing a platform for growth.

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Make Your Business More Efficient by Developing Custom Enterprise Web & Mobile Applications

Mobile & web-based applications for enterprises are gaining popularity in a world where it is vital to stay ahead of the technological curve. Regardless of internal or external use, mobile enterprise applications enhance improvement in organizational performance. By developing the custom application, the enterprises can optimize their sales operations, improve communication, and improve their work processes.

A native, hybrid, or web app, we will build the right platform for your mobile application.

Mobile App Development Platform
Mobile App Development Platform
Mobile App Development Platform
Mobile App Development Platform
Mobile App Development Platform

Best practices for Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Develop Comprehensive Training

Develop an extensive training program for internal applications, to ensure each of your employees becomes acclimated to the software, & provides a boost to their progress when necessary. Keep in mind that not all of your employees will have the same expertise when it comes to the function of the new technology. Your apps will only be as good as the users you nurture.

Determine the Appropriate Size

Defining the size & scale of an application is fundamental to properly plan the resources & efforts that will be invested to fulfill the project. The goal of the mobile app is to deliver a streamlined, lightweight solution that focuses on core functions, leaving out distractions or redundant features. If necessary, we will reduce the size of your application to produce this effect.

Consistent Branding

Enterprise mobile applications must illustrate the brand of the corporate image. Branding a mobile app goes a long way to show users the consistency of the solution to maintain a standard across all platforms, which builds credibility for your firm.

Provide Powerful Content

The app must be designed to tackle & satisfy unique requirements that prompted the app’s development in the first place. We create straightforward enterprise mobile applications to solve specific problems or provide team benefits. A clean, crisp mobile app will provide a focused environment where users can concentrate on the content & core capabilities.

Focus on User Experience

As developers, we must respond to feedback to make sure the enterprise mobile app covers all the necessities & requirements the app is intended to perform. Ultimately, the goal of an app is to improve & make the lives of the users more comfortable. A friendly & easy to use enterprise mobile app will enable users to work efficiently & increase their positive impacts on the firm.

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We help your business grow

DesignsTouch is an award-winning, IT & digital service agency. We supply the tools you need to grow your business! From idea to design, development to care and support, count on us to achieve the results your company deserves.

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